Committee members and officers of the Association are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting, which is usually held the same day as the reunion. The present composition of the committee is given below.

President Allan Lloyd (1947-54)
Vice President Win Griffiths (1954-62)
Chairman Allan Lloyd (1947-54)
Vice Chairman H Charles Lewis (1956-63)
Secretary Tom Protheroe, MBE (1954-61) 
Treasurer Tom Protheroe, MBE (1954-61) 
Newsletter Editor J. Michael Williams (1951-54) 
Member Mike Peters (1951-57)
Member Ken Jones (1943-50)
Member Arwyn Davies (1954-61)
Member Glyn Powell (1943-50)
Member David Powell (1952-59)
Member David Gittins (1952-59)
Member Barry Hicks, MBE (1955-61)
Member Andrew Thomas (1951-58)


Life Vice Presidents, listed below, are ex-officio members of the committee.

Life Vice Presidents

The Very Rev. Geraint Hughes (1946-53)
Ken Jones (1943-50)
John Davies (1939-45)
Tom Protheroe, MBE (1954-61)
J. Michael Williams (!951-54)
Glyn Powell (1943-50)
David Gittins (1952-59)
Shaun Gallagher (1952-59)
Lyn Roberts (1939-45)