About Us

The purpose of the Old Boys’ Association (OBA) is to provide a point of contact for former pupils of the Boys’ Grammar School. The Committee organises an annual reunion, usually on the Saturday after Easter; this is attended by members and guests, including some former pupils of the Girls’ Grammar School. Other events attended by the Old Boys include the Annual Awards Evening in July at the Brecon High School and the Memorial Service at the High School on or near Armistice Day, 11th November.

There is no membership subscription. To become a member, simply contact the Secretary, Tom Protheroe, who will place you on the mailing list. Members receive an invitation to the Annual Reunion, together with a copy of the newsletter, around February each year. The only income the Association receives is in the form of donations. There is provision on the reunion booking form for the addition of a donation. Some members who are unable to attend the reunion send a donation separately.